56/64K DSU, one data, one voice

56/64K DSU, one data, one voice

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  • Pays for itself in a few months
  • One Voice, one Data Channel
  • 56/64 Kbps DSU/CSU with Adaptive Equalization
  • Dynamic, automatic optimumization of bandwidth utilization
  • 16, 24, or 32 Kbps ADPCM voice
  • 9.6, 19.2 28.8, or 38.4 Kbps data channel
  • Synchronous data channel
  • 2-wire and 4-wire voice interfaces , FXS, FXO, PLAR, PABX,2W/4W E&M
  • RS-232 and V35 data interface


The DV-1D data and voice multiplexer from DCB makes it easy to combine voice and data over a single 56/64 Kbps digital link. The DV-1D includes the DSU/CSU, one digital channel and one voice channel. The digital interface can operate at 9600, 19,200 or 38,400 bps and includes both an RS-232, RS-530, or RS-422 interface. There are two modular connectors for the voice line interface, one 2-wire and one 4-wire. One of the 2-wire voice interfaces provides for connection to a telephone, the other to a PBX station line. The 4-wire interface is E&M for PBX tie line operation. A second RJ-48S connects to the digital link.

The DV- 1 is priced right, making voice an affordable choice any time you are installing a data line between two locations. The DV-1D pays for itself in two years or less versus the cost of a business line at each end of the link. If you have any long distance calling, the DV-1D typically pays for itself in a few months. The DV-1D is always the right choice.

The voice channel can be used to connect remote office key systems together, to connect PBX's together, or to provide a remote PBX extension. In key system applications, the voice line will appear as one of the line selections on a key telephone system. The 4-wire E&M interface is used to connect PBX systems together using a tie line. PBX station lines can be extended to either a single line telephone or a key system at a remote location. Both loop start and ground start lines are supported.

The DV-1D has an internal 56/64 Kbps DSU/CSU. It has standard diagnostic loopbacks, self test, local test, remote test and data interface LED indicators. The data interface can operate either sync or async.

The DV-1D is ideal to use with the DCB SR or SPL multiplexers and routers. Together they give you the lowest cost, highest performance combination of voice, DSU/CSU and statistical multiplexing or routing. Dynamic bandwidth allocation supplies more bandwidth to the data interface when no phone call is taking place. With the DV-1D you can now afford to add voice to every point to point statistical multiplexer link.


56/64 Kbps DSU/CSU
1 voice channel
1 data channel
Point-to-point application only
Operates on DDS or equivalent digital lines, or customer owned 4-wire lines
Supports up to 46 dB of attenuation
Voice Port Specifications
ADPCM modulation at 16,000, 24,000, or 32,000 bps
2 RJ jack connectors
2-wire station connector
2-wire office type connector
4-wire E&M for tie line connector
Loop start or ground start
Data Port Specifications
RS-232, RS-530, or RS-422 (DB-25 connector)
9600, 19,200, 28,800, or 38,400 bps
Data/Voice Speed Combinations
Bandwidth dynamicall allocated.
Power, Loopback, Signal, Sync, Xmit Busy, Rcv Busy, Txd, Rxd, RTS, CTS
Front panel Remote Loop, Local Loop, or Normal and Remote Loop
Rear panel DIP switchs for voice channel mode, 16/24/32 Kbps voice coding, Recv Voice level, Voice Interface, Data Channel Interface, Data Speed, Clocking, Sync, Flow Control, Link Speed, Link Timing.
Interface: DDS bipolar return to zero
Connector: 8-wire RJ-48S
Desk top, optional rack mount ears
Power requirements: 120 VAC, 60 HZ, 10 Watts
10 1/4" W x 9 3/4" D x 2 1/2" H;
2.8 pounds


DV-1D 1 Voice/1 Data with/integral DSU/CSU
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