ADSL Home Splitter / Filter Kit - 25pack

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Economical in-line DSL Splitter / Filter for phones or telephone equipment sharing a single phone jack.

The in-line DSL Splitter / Filter Isolates ADSL and home phone line networking (HPN) signals from voice signal for peak data performance and voice quality.

Effectively filters one or more phone devices (standard or cordless phone, answering machine, dial-up modem, fax machine, etc.). Use one filter / splitter at each phone jack in use in the home or office.

Twin-jack design for use with both phone and DSL or HPN devices. Easy to install—just plug the splitter / filter cord into any standard phone jack, and plug the DSL/HPN cord and phone cord into the splitter / filter.

Provides one unfiltered jack for DSL/HPN plus one filtered jack for any single-line phone device.

Here's a breakdown of what you will get when you buy 25 ADSL Home Splitter / Filter Kits:
  • 25 - Tool-less Modular Wall Mount Splitter / Filters
  • 25 - Telco Cables [RJ-11]
  • 100 - In-line ADSL Splitter / Filters

Figure 1.) Back of Tool-less Modular Wall Mount Splitter / Filter
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