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DSL Micro-Filter BLOW OUT Sale!

Siecor / Corning Cable Systems’ ADSL POTS Corded Distributed Micro-Filter is designed for use at the subscriber premise. Manufacturers part number SPS-PT0-SG2.

ADSL represents Asymmetrical Digital Subscriber Line, which provides high-bitrate digital information over telephone subscriber lines. The term “POTS” means Plain Old Telephone Service. The POTS filter is a passive device, which allows only VOICE signals to pass through to the subscriber’s phone, answering/fax machine, and other analog devices, while DATA signals pass onto the computer.

This device easily plugs into any wall jack inside the subscriber’s premise. No tools or wire terminations are required.

  • Capable to plug into any wall jack inside the premise which allows for greater flexibility
  • Customer installed – no truck roll or craftsman required
  • No tools required for installation
  • Lower first installation cost
  • No dedicated ADSL jack
  • Standard ash color
  • Provide uninterrupted ADSL service throughout Subscriber premise
  • UL-listed to U.S. and Canadian safety standards
  • FCC Part 68 compliant

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