Astrocom PowerLink-IV+

CalAmp Fixed/Portable Fusion LTE Router B17 AT&T GPS

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What are you doing for Redundancy?
You Need Astrocom's PowerLink-IVplusâ„¢ DSL Aggregator with Session Load Balancing and Automatic Line/ISP Fail-over!

PowerLinkâ„¢ DSL Aggregators enable the aggregation of multiple DSL lines, resulting in an effective bandwidth of up to 8Mbps. This provides an affordable and scalable option for applications requiring additional WAN bandwidth.

PowerLinkâ„¢ DSL Aggregators also provide redundancy and can be used with multiple ISPs for Internet fail-over.

With PowerLinkâ„¢, loss of an individual connection only results in an incremental bandwidth decrease which affects all users equally. When the problem is corrected, bandwidth automatically returns to normal with no interruption of service.

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