BiPAC P106 R2 Pocket-sized HomePlug AV 200 Wall Plug Ethernet Adapter

CalAmp Fixed/Portable Fusion LTE Router B17 AT&T GPS

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Key Features

* Provides high-speed data transfer of up to 200Mbps via electrical wiring
* Enable data transmission through existing home power grid
* Smart power saving technology for improved power efficiency
* Utilizes Quality of Service control
* Supports Triple Play applications such as IPTV, VoIP and high-speed Internet access
* Supports 10/100 BaseT Ethernet
* Compliant with the HomePlug Powerline Alliance industry specifications
* Utmost slim and sleek design
* Ideal for residential users


Energy Efficiency
Due to climate change, Green IT is becoming a big issue in current times. With the Smart Power Saving technology, the BiPAC 2073 R2 can automatically detect its Ethernet connection. When a Ethernet-based device is powered down or disconnected, the BiPAC 2073 R2 adapter will automatically fall into sleep mode, which reduces power consumption significantly. Furthermore, when the current usage is in full operation, the adapter can reduce its power consumption which in turn saves money on your electricity bill. Create a “Green” home with the BiPAC 2073 R2 and become more energy efficient!

No Extra Wiring Needed to Set Up an In-home Network
With The BiPAC 2073 R2, you can create a network with high-speed bandwidth to connect computers and game consoles without the need for further drilling or extra wires. Just one touch of the “Sync” button to install the bridge utility and your high-speed network is ready. Its as easy as simply plugging in your Billion networking devices and using the power cables in your home.

Smooth Traffic and Prioritization
Quality of Service (QoS) control guarantees the transmission quality by automatically prioritizing data. The BiPAC 2073 R2 will automatically recognize the bandwidth needs of voice and video applications. QoS prioritizes the data in order to guarantee optimal transmission quality. TV and video images are received and displayed with absolute smoothness. QoS also guarantees clear and instant transmission of voice data, even when other applications are running on the network at the same time. QoS makes your network a pleasure to use.

Immunity from Noise and Intervention
Unlike other HomePlug devices, the BiPAC 2073 R2 supports superior and noise-immune data transmission over in-home electrical power lines. Even when your family turns on an electronic device or turns off a light, you wont experience any interruption to latency-sensitive applications such as multimedia or video being shared with your family in another room.
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