BroadMAX Ethernet/USB Modem Router

CalAmp Fixed/Portable Fusion LTE Router B17 AT&T GPS

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HSA300A-309-1 is the replacement part for the BroadMAX HSA304-1.

The HSA309-1 ADSL Modem/Router provides flexibility in connecting via 10/100BaseT or USB interfaces. Its highly integrated architecture supports both bridge and router modes with embedded support for PPPoE, PPPoA as well as full support for most other popular protocols.

Its platform independent integrated web server also provides an easy mechanism for service providers to modify the GUI to provide a unified look while providing the intuitive functionality for configuration, management, help and diagnostic functions.

The HSA309-1 utilizes state-of-the-art technology in its PHY providing exceptional reach / rate performance under adverse conditions with virtually any DSLAM.
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