DATA CONNECT IM144-LV Industrial Grade Modem 10-38VDC-0

DATA CONNECT IM144-LV Industrial Grade Modem 10-38VDC


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Dial Modem

These modules are approved for use in Europe, USA, Canada

¨ Complete High Speed modem modules ready to go. No hardware design required.

¨ Quick time to market

¨ Easy to incorporate in existing and new designs

¨ Choice of RS 232 or Serial TTL interface (20 pin header)

¨ CTR 21, FCC, DOC approved. (Austel, NZ in progress)

¨ Led indicators

¨ Wide input power range 10-38 Volts DC.

ARC modems work in remote sites with very low failure rates. These devices work where other modems roll over and die. When a service call to a remote site can mean an all day trip these modems are the ideal solution.

To service the growing need for efficient, reliable data communications in the harsh environments of “remote” remote sites and industrial facilities. ARC has developed a family of data communications products that can operate from various AC & DC power supplies and survive high surge levels and extreme heat and cold. All this without compromising the performance expected from state-of-the-art communications devices

IM144-LV Dial Modem

Max. Data throughput

Asynchronous 10 bit codes

Data Speed
14400 bps

Hardware MNP 5 & V.42 bis

Auto Baud
” AT ” commands

RS 232 Interface, Female DB9

Led Indicators

Regulatory Approvals

Double Surge Protection

Max. Current Consumption
70 ma @48VDC

Normal Current Consumption
35 ma @48VDC

Power Input
10-38 VDC

Max. Current Consumption
140 ma @12VDC

Normal Current Consumption
100 ma @12VDC

Temp. Rating -30 to 70 C

Environmental: 95% humidity, noncondensing – Optional Coatings for high humidity

Size: 3.5″ W, 6″ L, 1″ H

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