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The DrayTek Vigor 2110Vn is a user-friendly broadband router with advanced bandwidth control mechanism and 2 VPN tunnels for secured remote access. Vigor 2110Vn complies with 802.11n Draft-n standards. The wireless LAN isolation, Mac address control, and WEP/WPA/WPA2 encryption let you easily set up Wireless network for your home. Vigor2110Vn has two analogue phone connectors and one line port.

The Vigor 2110Vn’s firewall provides the ideal balance of ease of use and security to help protect your network. The CSM (content security management) can prevent family from the connection to Web sites that contain illegal or objectionable content. The use of bandwidth consuming peer-to-peer (P2P) applications can be properly managed by embedded CSM.

The Vigor2110Vn takes care of all your teleworking needs, with support of 2 simultaneous VPN connection. You can establish remote access or LAN-to-LAN session by utilizing IPSec/PPTP/L2TP/L2TP over IPSec with AES/DES/3DES for encryption and MD5/SHA-1 for authentication.

If you need cost-saving fax receiving/sending, you can connect a fax machine to one of the analogue phone connectors which are for conventional analogue phone and fax machine.

The POTS life-line facility provides for automatic fail-over to your regular phone line in the event of power or Internet failure, as well as letting you use the same phone to access either your regular phone line or VoIP facility when required.

The Vigor2110Vn’s VoIP facilities can provide a cost-saving alternative to having an additional fixed line. By using an Internet Telephony Service Provider (ITSP), you can also make calls to any regular phone line too, including mobiles, as well as receive calls from anyone. The call is carried to your phone via your Internet connection so your regular phone line remains free for other people or calls.

The visual design, with its stylish pleasing lines provide looks good enough to fit into any environment. The Vigor2110Vn allows you to make the jump from dial-up to broadband. It also provides the value added features of VoIP to help you optimize the benefits of broadband line.

You can attach USB storage device to USB port of Vigor2110Vn to share files. Or, you can use USB printer by connecting it to USB port.

Note : A Line port allows connection to a PSTN line so the user can select either the PSTN or VoIP for the calls, and can access the PSTN line during power black-outs when VoIP are cut off (only available on port 2).

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