DSP-1000 High Definition Digital Signage Player-0

DSP-1000 High Definition Digital Signage Player


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PLANET High Definition Digital Signage Player, DSP-1000 supports videos up to Full High Definition (HD) 1080p format. The DSP-1000 is the ideal device to fulfill all your demands on professional advertising.

The DSP-1000 is designed to enhance advertising experiences to promote target audience for newest products or information. It interconnects with IP networks so that the digital signage system can be used anywhere for targeted advertising with up to date content playing from their internal CF card or high capacity 2.5″ HDD, and all content can be maintained from a central server.

In addition to its super video (S-Video), digital audio (S/PDIF), analog video and audio outputs, the DSP-1000 also provide HDMI and component outputs for the audience to enjoy high definition video. The DSP-1000 is commonly implemented for advertising industry, government public information, elevator, airport, exhibition center or any place where there are abundant crowd.

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