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DVR-872 8-Channel H.264 Digital Video Recorder


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Owing to the broadband communication becomes more and more popular, traditional CCTV surveillance system is gradually upgraded to packet switching TCP/IP network. The Digital Video Recorder solutions provided by PLANET Technology help to translate the traditional CCTV surveillance system into IP surveillance network. The PLANET DVR-872 supports up to 8 cameras surveillance. It is designed to be the professional security devices. Video data recording, remote surveillance over a secure IP network and viewing/recording/playback at the same time are key features provided to a full-time security application.

The DVR-872 provides triplex DVR functions to meet more application demands. Connected with easy-to-remember DDNS feature, the network DVR can be placed either in LAN or WAN. With the Plug-N-Watch capability of web browser, a network administrator or system operator can seamlessly complete network deployment in a few minutes.

The DVR-872 supports the latest digital video codec technology, H.264, which can compress the video files to be minimum size. H.264 compress rate is 2 times of MPEG-4, therefore, it can increase the recording time in the same HDD size and let the monitor screen has better and smoothly view quality via Internet or local network.

In various surveillance applications via RS-485 interface, the network DVR is capable to control most types of PTZ protocols. With integrated alarm I/O, it can ring a siren to notify the surveillance administrator when detecting an event. The network DVR can also do motion detection / schedule recording to complete surveillance plans. Besides controlled via front panel and remote controller, the network DVR can also be operated by USB mouse, which is user-friendly to every user.

Securing content stored on hard-disk based on digital video recorder systems and providing conditional access to managing stored content, PLANET Digital Video Recorder series offer the perfect solution for both security professionals and business owners who want the unparalleled flexibility and reliability in IP surveillance field.

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