DVS-8501D 1 Channel Blade Digital Video Decoder-0

DVS-8501D 1 Channel Blade Digital Video Decoder


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CTC Union DVS-8501D is a 1-ch video decoder with cutting edge H.264 video compression technology compatible with the CTC Union H.264 video encoders. It enables convert the digitalized video data back to analog format for various back-side devices such as TV wall, legacy DVR, and Joysticks. The DVS-8501D can decode video source up to 64 channels.

* Complies with H.264 compression technology
* Provides high quality analog video and audio decoding
* Programmable sequence mode for multiple video sources
* Decodes video source up to 64 channels (Sequence display mode)
* Built-in Web server for easy management
* Supports secure management and encrypted video streams
* VGA port for stand-alone type
* Supports two-way audio
* Card fits in one-slot or 20-slot chassis

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