Encore Networks Web Router F9200-SN (F9200SNDNW1B0000) Serial Network Port-0

Encore Networks Web Router F9200-SN (F9200SNDNW1B0000) Serial Network Port


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Designed to provide quick and easy access to the net at a lower price than any other product on the market in its class, the WEB.router is simple to install and easy to use. This fully featured device will get you up and running in no time at all.

Features like FastCONNECT allow the device to come online in a matter of seconds. Simply attach the WEB.router to the network, initiate a telnet session to access the menu, press a few keys, and configuration is complete. For Internet Service Providers using static routing, no preconfiguration is required at all. So simple that it’s called “insanely easy to install,” the WEB.router is quite simply your best choice.


Internet Access
LAN Connectivity
Frame Relay Connectivity

Internet Service Providers
Frame Relay Providers
End Users

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