ENW-9700 PCI Express Gigabit Ethernet Adapter-0

ENW-9700 PCI Express Gigabit Ethernet Adapter


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Gigabit Ethernet provides the best solution for one of the major issues of Local Area Networks – communication speed. Ten times faster than existing 100Base-TX solutions, using the PLANET ENW-9700 to connect your servers and workstations guarantees extremely high throughput and excellent signal quality.

The ENW-9700 is a PCI Express Gigabit Ethernet adapter designed to address high-performance system application requirements. With the innovative PCI Express Bus Architecture, ENW-9700 provides better performance than the network cards which base on 32/64bit PCI architecture. With Auto-MDI/MDI-X function, users dont need to concern about the cable type while connecting to different LAN devices. It is capable of detecting the signal and changes its transfer/receive order on the cable automatically. Moreover, ENW-9700 can auto-sense and adjust the current network speed, thus eliminates the requirements for manually switching.

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