ICA-H312-PA H.264 25meter IR Internet camera (PAL)-0

ICA-H312-PA H.264 25meter IR Internet camera (PAL)


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PLANET announces new H.264 25-meter IR Internet Camera, ICA-H312, for meeting the next generation worldwide market. The ICA-H312 supports the highest video compression H.264, which provides small video size and save you lots of bandwidth. The new video compression is the best solution for Internet video transmission.

Multi-profile stands for video stream simultaneously. The ICA-H312 can generate H.264 / MPEG-4 / M-JPEG streaming to different users in the meantime. Moreover, the resolution can be different from one user to another. This state-of-art design is considerable to fit in various network environments.

Supporting Store-to-NAS function, the ICA-H312 can work alone and save the video file to a NAS directly, which can save the PC resource and keep monitoring the environment with motion detection at 7/24. The ICA-H312 takes surveillance using 2-Way audio. The administrator can speak to anyone at ICA-H312 remote site with a speaker connected. Compliant with IEEE 802.3af PoE interface, the ICA-H312 can be located in places where there are no power outlets.

The ICA-H312 features zero-lux illumination. The 14 IR illuminators built around the lens bring the clearest vision at night. Via the new LED technology, the illuminator ensures high-quality monochrome images in complete darkness up to 25 meters. With the Aluminum rugged all-weather waterproof housing, the ICA-H312 infrared Internet camera maintains the reliable operation in any environment. It can work with the PLANET Pan /Tilt Internet cameras, Internet Video server and Digital Video Recorder products for various field demands in surveillance network.

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