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ICF-1601 Internet Video Conferencing Phone


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PLANET’s latest Video Conferencing product, ICF-1601, brings you a vivid video conferencing experience through the Internet. Neither the PC nor the complex web camera is required for Internet video communications. Furthermore, the ICF-1601 has a built-in 5″ LCD monitor in a telephone form factor ideal for desktop use.

The ICF-1601 is compliant with SIP standard, which brings you a seamless conferencing experience with other SIP compliant video conferencing systems, voice gateway, IP phones, ATA and IP PBX System. With SIP Proxy Server and MCU support, the PLANET ICF-1601 makes quick and cost-effective communications possible for you and your business partners.

The ICF-1601 has multiple video inputs which can be used to connect to external cameras for group meetings and/or a document camera for showing detailed documents or photographs. With up to 30 fps frame rate, outstanding picture and sound quality, the PLANET Internet Video Conferencing Phone offers you a superior communications experience via the Internet.

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