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IPX-1900 Internet Telephony PBX System


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PLANET IPX-1900 IP PBX telephony systems is designed and optimized for the small business in daily communications. The IPX-1900 is able to accept 300 user registrations, and easy to install and manage a fully working system with the convenience and cost advantages. The PLANET IPX-1900 is applicable for variety of VoIP applications including centralized call control, auto-attendant, voice conferencing, and PSTN access, digital and IP-based communications.

Based on state-of-the-art embedded technology, the IPX-1900 provides a solid, uniform platform for voice communications as well as data network communications. The IPX-1900 offers a seamlessly integrated solution for the up-to-date telecommunication needs. The future IP PBX telephony system offers all of the essential features of telephony which are required to fulfill the telecommunication / data needs of small business / enterprise users.

Being more flexible, the IPX-1900 integrates up to 4 calls via the IPX-19FO (2*FXO) / IPX-19FS (2*FXS) / IPX-19SL (1FXO+1FXS) module to become a feature-rich PBX system that supports seamless communications between existing PSTN calls, analog, IP phones and SIP-based endpoints.

The IP PBX is the feature-rich SIP based IP PBX telephony system that integrates NAT functions to make it perfect for small business usage. The IP PBX integrates traditional PBX system functions and provides many advanced functions including voice mail to email, web management etc.

Designed to run on a variety of VoIP applications, the IP PBX provides IP-based communications, voice conferencing, and call detailed record (CDR), centralized Auto-Attendant (AA), and Interactive Voice Responses (IVR). The IP PBX utilizes standard PSTN / GSM lines via the interfaces of FXO / GSM gateway to become a feature-rich IP PBX telephony system that supports seamless communications among existing local calls, SIP-based endpoints including low cost of long distance service, telephone number portability and one network for both voice and data.

With the IP PBX, standard SIP phones can be easily integrated in your office. Users may integrate PLANET IP Phone VIP-254T series, VIP-255PT / 350PT / 550PT, the VIP-156 / 157 / 158 / 161W of ATA (analog telephone adapter) series, the VIP-191 / 192 of Wi-Fi Phone, and Gateway series VIP-281 / 281GS / 480 to build up the VoIP network in minutes. Allowing distributed IP technology to meet traditional voice services, with the IPX-1900 proactive management interface in the daily business process, it brings enterprises higher employee productivity and customer satisfaction.

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