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IPX-300W Wi-Fi Internet Telephony PBX System


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Combining the cutting edge of Internet telephony and PBX manufacturing experience, PLANET now introduces the latest member of PLANET Wireless family, IPX-300W.

To bring the most satisfaction to customers, the IPX-300W not only provides the high quality of voice communication and wired Internet sharing capabilities but also offers Access Point (AP) function for daily wireless communication.

PLANET IPX-300W Wi-Fi IP PBX Telephony Systems are designed and optimized for the small business in daily communication. It can support up to 100 user registrations and easy to install and manage a fully working system with the advantages of convenience and cost. The future Wi-Fi IP PBX telephony system offers all of the essential features of telephony which are required by small business users for their telecommunication / data needs.

The IPX-300W is a feature-rich SIP based Wi-Fi IP PBX telephony system that integrates NAT functions to make it perfect for small business usage. The IPX-300W integrates traditional PBX system functions and provides many advanced functions including voice mail to email, web management etc. Designed to run on a variety of VoIP applications, the IPX-300W provides IP-based communications, voice conference, call detailed record (CDR), centralized Auto-Attendant (AA), and Interactive Voice Responses (IVR). The IPX-300W utilizes standard PSTN / GSM lines via the interfaces of FXO / GSM gateway to become a feature-rich Wi-Fi IP PBX telephony system that supports seamless communication among existing local calls, SIP-based endpoints including low cost of long distance service, telephone number portability and one network for both voice and data.

With a built-in IEEE 802.11b/g wireless AP / CPE, the Wi-Fi IP PBX offers wireless connectivity via 54Mbps data transmissions. Users may integrate PLANET IP Phone VIP-154T series, VIP-155PT / 350PT / 550PT, VIP-156 / 157 / 158 / 161W of ATA (analog telephone adapter) series, VIP-191 / 192 of Wi-Fi Phone, and Gateway series VIP-281 / 281GS / 480 to build up the VoIP network deployment in minutes.

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