Link1 TADILB Modem – FSK Analog Modem, V.23, Sync or Async-0

Link1 TADILB Modem – FSK Analog Modem, V.23, Sync or Async


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  • Full duplex rates to 1200 bps (in async V.23 mode)
  • Asynchronous or synchronous RS-232
  • 4-wire, full duplex line application
  • Standalone or rack mount
  • PC card rack mode (PC supplies power and ground only)
  • High stability transmit and receive frequency
  • Ruggedized for full temperature range application

The Link1 TADILB modem operates at 600 and 1200 bps, synchronous or asynchronous, with V.23 modulation. The modem accepts external transmit clock on pin 24. The modem operates in Link1 DFSK mode (differential frequency shift key) at 600 and 1200 bps. Full 13.5” PC card, 7.25” half card size, and standalone configurations are available. The pc card uses the internal pc ISA bus only for power from the pc bus. The serial terminal interface is RS-232, DB-25. The phone line connector is an RJ-11 for 4-wire leased line operation. Transmit is on positions 2 and 3, receive 1 and 4 of the 4 position RJ-11 connector.

The modem has DIP switch controls for the TADIL-B (V.23) or LINK1 mode, for 1200 or 600 bps operation, for 4 or 8 ms RTS/CTS delay, for constant carrier (RTS forced on) or terminal controlled RTS, and transmit level settings of +3, 0, -16 and –30 dBm. The modem has a push/push switch for local digital loop on or off. The DIP switch is located on the PC card and is accessible behind the front panel of the standalone modem. The loopback switch is located on the rear of the unit, next to the DB-25 terminal connector.

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