NAS-7102 1-Bay SATA NAS Server-0

NAS-7102 1-Bay SATA NAS Server


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Need more reliable storage for your PC or laptop without implementing any hardware installation to your PC? The PLANET NAS-7102 offers you the above benefit. With a SATA II HDD bay, the NAS-7102 helps you to expand data storage easily by simply plug and play. Users can easily set up a system for all sorts of storage applications by using the user-friendly web-based interface.

As a compact, economical and easy to use network storage server, the NAS-7102 fits SOHO and Home user requirements of storage. It functions as a File and FTP server providing an easy way for LAN users to backup data or share files through LAN and WAN. The embedded Bit-Torrent client feature brings you the most convenience to download shared resources from Internet. The NAS-7102 also supports Print Server function for users to connect their printers to NAS-7102 directly and share network resources. The FTP server is compatible with Unicode so the multilingual file names can be identified by this device.

Furthermore, the NAS-7102 supports advanced user management functions such as private HDD space and login account. It not only shares HDD space, but also provides a management device to manage each user on the network. With the NAS-7102, you will get a simple yet effective way to expand data storage of your own, no matter for your network at home or office.

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