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Olicom OC3117 Token Ring NIC


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Olicom / Intel ISA 16/4 Token Ring Network Adapter Board
Dedicated Token-Ring (DTR) PowerMACH drivers, the ISA 16/4 adapter is a Token-Ring network interface card for ISA-bus computers that can help boost LAN performance by providing greater throughput, more flexibility and easy installation. This adapter demonstrates Olicom’s commitment to organizations seeking to leverage existingISA-based workstation investments to obtain maximum Token-Ring performance and compatibility. Recent benchmarks tests confirm that the DTR PowerMACH drivers included with the ISA16/4 are the fastest on the market. When used with switches and servers enabled for full-duplex operation, the ISA 16/4 is capable of boosting throughput to close to 32 Mbps. Allmajor network operating systems, including Windows NT 4.0 and extensive Unix variants are supported, and free software upgrades can be downloaded from Olicom’s Web site.

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