Patton 2720/I/UI T1/FT1 CSU/DSU Ethernet-over-T1 Bridge-0

Patton 2720/I/UI T1/FT1 CSU/DSU Ethernet-over-T1 Bridge


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Patton 2720 DSU/CSU with 10Base-T interfaces for LAN to LAN Bridging

Features & Benefits

Terminates T1/FT1 circuits over a 4-wire RJ-48C interface
100-240VAC and -48VDC power options
Connects to V.35, EIA-530, and 10Base-T interfaces
Ethernet version for LAN to LAN Bridging
Common framed n x 56/64 kbps rates up to 1.536 Mbps
Unstructured rates at 1.544 Mbps
D4 or ESF framing modes
Supports AMI or B8ZS/B7ZS line coding
Software or DIP switch configurable
Internal, external, or network clocking
V.54, V.52, and CO Loop and Loop down diagnostics
Available in Rackmount version (Model 2710RC)
Also functions as a high-speed point-to-point modem
Made in USA

The NetLink Model 2720 Series T1/FT1 CSU/DSU provides high speed WAN connectivity in a compact (1.50H x 4.17W x 5.84D inches) full feature standalone package.

The Netlink 2720 is an excellent choice for terminating leased lines, Frame Relay backbones, Internet access, and LAN-to-LAN services. When terminating a T1- dedicated digital circuit, the NetLink 2720 supports nx56/nx64 kbps T1 framing and converts to V.35, RS-530, or 10Base-T Ethernet interfaces.

The Netlink 2720 supports D4/ESF framing options and AMI/B8ZS/B7ZS line coding. Data rates, framing, and coding options are programmed by DIP switches or from a VT-100 terminal with menu-driven software. A full range of system and diagnostic features make setup simple and easy.

The model 2720/I (10 Base-T Ethernet Bridge) is particulary suited for LAN-to-LAN connection without the need for routers! MAC forwarding and PPP/BCP built-in bridging provides seamless connection over the T1 link.

The PPP/BCP features also enable customers to extend a router’s serial interface and connect to a remote Ethernet LAN over the T1 network.

The 2710RC is the rack card companion to the 2720. Offering all features found in the 2720, the 2710RC fits in a 19, 2u high rack housing up to 16 rack cards. See the 2710RC web page for more information.

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