Telenetics (Motorola 28504) 2185 Digital Bridge 5 Channel Nest Card TEL-28504-0

Telenetics (Motorola 28504) 2185 Digital Bridge 5 Channel Nest Card TEL-28504


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Telenetics Motorola 2185 5 Channel Digital Nest Card Part #28504 is a flexible and cost-effective solution to modem and port sharing. It lets you connect 5 devices to your multipoint drop.

Features and Benefits:
– Versatile product combines both a modem and port sharing unit in one space-saving box.
– Supports up to 5 terminals or modems in any combination – channels can be configured as terminal or modem interfaces by using switches accessible behind swing-down front panel.
– Easily handles both synchronous and asynchronous data.
– Accommodates both internal or external timing, with fallback to internal should external timing be removed.
– Never requires crossover cables!
– Enhanced capabilities and features include antistreaming, dial modem, and split-speed support.

– Operation: Connects 5 devices to a common port on a polled or contention basis.
– Data Rates: 75-19.2 kbps.
– Main Channel Timing Buffer:+/- 4 bits.
– Customer Interface: EIA-232 (F).
– Size: 8.5 in. (W) x 3.0 in. (H) x 16.0 in. (D); Wt.: 4.5 lbs.
– Rackmount Card: Modular 9 / 21 Nests
– Cables Supplied:None

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Weight 2 lbs
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