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The Du100 is designed for use with the switched digital services provided by the Northern Telecom DMS/1SL-100 family of Central office switches and private branch exchanges. This service is generically called DATAPATH but may be tariffed under various service names by the service provider.

The DU100 transmits and receives data at an asynchronous rate of 300 bps, asynchronous and synchronous rates of 1200, 2400, 4800, 9600, and 19200 bps and at synchronous rates of 48000, 56000, and 64000 bps. The data interchange is provided via the T-LINK rate adaptation protocol as defined by Northern Telecom.

The DU100 can also connect at 56000 bps with far end equipment which is connected with ACCUNET 56 or with the Circuit Switched Digital Circuit (CSDC) available with some service providers.


The DU100 processes serial synchronous or asynchronous digital data from the DTE for transmission over the switched digital network using an interface and service provided by the Northern Telecom DMS/SL-100 family of switches. The service is a dial-up digital service with a 2-wire local loop interface. The DU100 uses a bipolar return-to-zero type of signal in a “ping-pong” format. This system encodes data as pulses on the communications lines rather than modulating a carrier frequency as used in standard analog units.

The line data is fixed at 64 kbps. Data at the various rates supported is adapted to the 64k line rate using T-LINK rate adaptation protocol as defined by Northern Telecom. The DU100 can communicate with any T-LINK compatible device. It can also interface with non T-LINK devices at the 56 kbps rate.

The DU100 can be configured entirely through the front panel buttons. Prompts in the LCD allow the operators to review or change settings. The DU100 uses nonvolatile memory to store selected settings.

The DU100 DTE interface can be changed to support the desired data rate. The DTE interfaces available for the DU100 include RS232D, CCITT v.35, and RS-530/RS-449.

The line receive contains an automatic equalizer that compensates for distortion and attenuation cause by line length without adjustments by the user.

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