UDS Motorola V.3225 Standalone Modem 120 AC Power – Like New with 1 Year Warranty-0

UDS Motorola V.3225 Standalone Modem 120 AC Power – Like New with 1 Year Warranty


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UDS Motorola V3225 Standalone Modem

The UDS V.3225 is a high-speed data modem fully compatible with the V.32 specification and capable of throughput rates up to 19,200 bps. The V-3225 transmits both synchronous and asynchronous data full duplex over both dial-up and leased lines.

* Fully compatible with the CCITT V.32 specification
* Maximum throughput rate of 19,200 bps using
* MNP Level 5 data compression and error control
* Automatically adjusts data rate to 9600, 4800, 2400, 1200 or 300 bps
(CCITT V.32, V.22bis and Bell 103)
* Operates full duplex over dial-up lines or 2-wire or 4-wire leased lines in synchronous
or asynchronous mode Tolerates high line noise using trellis-coded modulation at 9600 bps
* Automatic dial back-up for dedicated lines
* Automatic dial and answer- Hayes-‘ compatible “AT” command set
* Easy-to-use LCD display for set-up and operation

Test Features
• Analog Loop-back
• Analog Loop-back with Test Pattern
• Local Digital Loop-back
• Remote Digital Loop-back
• Remote Digital Loop-back with Test Pattern
• Test Pattern Generation/Checking


The UDS V.3225 is a high-speed modem ideally suited for applications requiring high data throughput and failure free operation. The modem adheres to both the CCITT V.32 standard for data transmissions up to 9600 bps (bits per second) and to the MNP Levels 2 through 5 specifications for error control and data compression. The V.3225 has a maximum throughput rate of 19,200 bps with outstanding data integrity.

The V.3225 transmits full duplex, synchronous or asynchronous data at 9600, 4800, 2400 or 1200 bps and asynchronous data at 300 bps. An intelligent modem, the device automatically adjusts the data rate and modulation scheme to match the remote V.32, V.22bis or Bell 103 modem with which data is being exchanged.

For reliable performance, the V.3225’s advanced microprocessor design incorporates near- and far-end echo canceling, automatic adaptive line equalizing and trellis coding techniques. The V.3225 includes auto dial and auto answer features for convenient, easy use. The auto dialer is compatible with the industry standard Hayes “AT” command set. Dial back-up from leased line to dial line is included to allow the unit to operate in the event of a leased line failure.

Integral diagnostics aid the user in isolating communication faults to the data communications equipment, data terminal equipment or the phone line. For easy setup and for determining the status of modem operation, the V.3225 data modem features a 2-line by 16-character liquid crystal display with three control pushbuttons and six LED indicators.

The V.3225 is both a standalone unit (shown) or a plug-in card for use in the Universal Data Shelf- enclosure.

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