VIP-156PE 802.3af PoE SIP Analog Telephone Adapter-0

VIP-156PE 802.3af PoE SIP Analog Telephone Adapter


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Based on years of VoIP manufacturing experiences, PLANET VoIP total solutions are known as advanced implementation of standard-based telephony along with mass deployment capability.

Cost-effective, easy-to-install and simple-to-use, the VIP-156PE converts standard telephones to IP-based networks. With the 802.3af PoE integration, the service providers and enterprises can offer users traditional and enhanced the telephony communication services via the existing broadband connection to the Internet or corporation network.

With the VIP-156PE, enterprises are able to save the installation cost and extend their past investments in telephones, conference and speakerphones. The VIP-156PE can be the bridge between the traditional analog systems and IP network with an extremely affordable investment.

The VIP-156PE includes two Ethernet interface for Internet (PPPoE, DHCP or Fixed IP), or office LAN connection. Plus the auto-provision and 802.3af PoE features, the VIP-156PE can be seamlessly integrated into the telephony network built up by our IP PBX system IPX-2000.

The VIP-156PE and PLANET IP PBX System integration are the ideal combination of your office daily communications.

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