WAP-6200 802.11g Wireless LAN Outdoor CPE AP/Router-0

WAP-6200 802.11g Wireless LAN Outdoor CPE AP/Router


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PLANET Technology provides an outdoor wireless solution with higher coverage and stronger functions- the wireless LAN outdoor CPE AP/Router, WAP-6200. It is compatible with IEEE 802.11b/g, offering the data rate up to 54 Mbps. With the built-in 14dBi patch antenna and the default 200 mW transmit output power, the WAP-6200 is quite suitable for wireless LAN applications in widely open spaces.

The main difference from the previous product, WAP-6100, is that the WAP-6200 offers WISP mode which enables CPE users easily connect to Internet via WISP provider or connect to wired network. The WAP-6200 also supports routing function and wireless multiple modes: AP, client, WDS, AP+WDS, and repeater to versatile solutions in a wide range of wireless scenarios. Besides 64/128 WEP encryption, it integrates WPA, WPAPSK and 802.1x Authority to secure and protect your wireless LAN. Moreover, the MAC/IP filter function provided helps restrict illegal accessing to your local network.

The WAP-6200 is designed to install in outdoor environments, or the exposed locations under the rigorous weather conditions including heavy rain and wind. Designed with PoE (Power over Ethernet) function, the WAP-6200 allows you to install the device in the areas where power outlets are not readily available. .With web-based interface, the WAP-6200 is easy to be managed and configured. The best application of WAP-6200 is to build outdoor wireless access network between building and building of campus, business or rural areas…etc.

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