Adtran TSU LT 1202060L1 Stand-alone T1 DSU/CSU with Single V.35 Interface DDS3MHBAAA

CalAmp Fixed/Portable Fusion LTE Router B17 AT&T GPS

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Adtran TSU LT

  • Single-port T1/FT1 DSU/CSU
  • Single V.35 DTE interface for applications such as LAN-to-LAN bridging, Frame Relay circuit termination, and dedicated videoconferencing
  • Synchronous DTE rates in increments of 56 Kbps or 64 Kbps up to 1.536 Mbps
  • Bantam test jacks
  • User-programmable with front panel LCD and keypad
  • Supports VT100 terminal configuration and remote configuration using control port
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Manufacturer Adtran
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