IPM-8002 EU/UK 8-Port IP Power Manager-0

IPM-8002 EU/UK 8-Port IP Power Manager


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The PLANET IPM-8002 is a 8-Port IP Power Management device introcued to bring the network efficient power managemnet. The IPM-8001 provides the useful function of managing power for any combination to connect with itself. With the innovative IP-based technology, PLANET has made the traditional power management equipment into true networking devices.

Coming with 8 power outlets, each of them can be controlled or monitored individual. You can control those power outlets via the console or web interfaces. You can also use the front panel to operate the power outlets. Provides 7-Segment LED and port status indicators, users can know easily the status of the IPM-8002 immediately, without login configure interface.

The IPM-8002 has equipped with a console port for connecting an EMD (Environmental Monitoring Device) for sensing temperature and humidity along, with two alarms that can be activated when the sensors show unusual values. The IPM-8002 is provided two digital outputs for connecting status indicators or digital switches. When users creating a new server room or the environment had been monitoring, the IPM-8002 is the best choice for fit the requirement.

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