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SG-1000 VPN Security Gateway


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The innovation of the Internet has created a tremendous worldwide venue for E-business and information sharing, but it also creates network security issues. The security request will be the primary concerned for the enterprise. New model of PLANETs VPN Security Gateway SG-1000, a special designed of VPN security gateway, provides SSL, IPSec, and PPTP VPN. The SSL VPN function supports up to 50 SSL VPN connection tunnels. The IPSec VPN feature provides IPSec VPN Trunk and IKE, SHA-1, and MD5 Authentication. The PPTP VPN function supports PPTP server and client.

The SG-1000 provides Content Blocking feature to block specific URL, Script, IM, P2P, and download file. Also, it is built-in Anomaly Flow IP function. This function supports Hacker and Blaster Alerts. An administrator could use this function to watch and track an attacker.

This product is built-in two WAN ports. It supports WAN Load Balance and Fail-Over Feature. Also, the QoS function provides Guaranteed Bandwidth and Priority Bandwidth Utilization.

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