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WNRT-625 802.11n Wireless Broadband Router


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The PLANET Wireless Broadband Router, WNRT-625 provides a total solution of wireless network for home, SOHO and Hotspot users. With built-in 4-Port 10/100Base-Tx Switch functions, it is easy to connect the wireless devices with existing wired network. Featuring 802.11n technology and backward compatible with 802.11b/g standard, the WNRT-625 offers powerful and flexible capability for LAN client to access Internet with management functions.

The WNRT-625 provides three wireless modes: AP, Bridge, and Repeater for various applications in different environments. To secure the wireless communication, the WNRT-625 supports most up-to-date security encryptions including WPA and WPA2. Moreover, the WNRT-625 security setting is easy by WPS configuration with PBC/PIN type. Just one click, the security of communication between the WNRT-625 and wireless clients is instantly built within a few seconds.

The WNRT-625 supports NAT function to allow multiple users to access Internet via a single legal IP. It also provides Virtual Server function for LAN PC to act as an application server. In addition, QoS capability can provide better service to selected traffic or application, which utilizes the network usage. Finally, for firewall features, the WNRT-625 offers MAC access control, URL block to prevent possible hackers attack.

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